Your visit here indicates that you are considering taking a step towards change. I appreciate you taking your time to stay on this page for awhile. I recognize that finding a mental health therapist who is a good fit can be daunting and quite time consuming. I also recognize after 20 years of practicing that I will not be the best fit for every person who visits this page. Out of respect for everyone's time I have intentionally sought to provide a comprehensive look into services on this site. This is provided with the hope that it will assist you in your process as you find a provider that best fits your therapeutic needs. For those of you that may decide to connect, I look forward to hearing from you.

I am a licensed clinical mental health counselor. I provide teletherapy counseling services, in both North Carolina and Florida, for older adolescent, young adult and adult clients. Teletherapy services allow for therapy to occur online from the comfort of your own home or other private setting. Some of the specialty areas I treat include: Depression, Anxiety, Coping Skills, Excessive People Pleasing, Establishing Healthy Boundaries, Parent/Child Dynamics (through the lifespan), Life Transitions, Grief & Loss.

Take a look around, my 'About' tab will provide a thoroughly defined perspective of my clinical specialties. Further clarification regarding my clinical approach, perspectives & modalities utilized are also indicated. If you find we may fit, reach out when you are ready to begin. If you choose differently, I wish you well on your journey in finding the provider that is best for you.

Take Care,

L ynette

Providing mental health teletherapy services across NC and FL